Wake-Up! Diplomacy Towards a Healthy Future
Initiated by the Embassy of Switzerland in Israel

As the dust of the first Covid-19 wave settles, the world awakens to a new reality – the new normal. The pandemic has catapulted public health right into the heart of the public arena. However, medical organizations representing over 40 million health workers worldwide urged G-20 leaders in late May to take immediate climate action, insisting that the public health risk posed by global warming and air pollution far exceeds that of Covid-19. Correspondingly, the project “Wake Up! Diplomacy Towards a Healthy Future” seeks to embark on a journey to craft spaces for intellectual and creative endeavors, fostering exchange between Switzerland and Israel in the fields of culture, art, society, politics and the economy. “Wake Up! Diplomacy Towards a Healthy Future” gathers maverick thinkers, doers and innovators with the courage and the capability to disrupt the destructive status quo ante-Covid with the aim of moving towards a healthier and more sustainable future. Wake-up! Join Us!

Email: telaviv.wakeupdiplomacy@eda.admin.ch