Hiking in the Swiss Nature Participate in Wake Up's special photography project in honour of Switzerland's national day!

July 8, 2021

Hiking in the Swiss Nature

We walk, and our ideas wonder. It is as if the body’s machine in motion produces mental fumes that caress rocks, clouds, roots and earth. A fresh wind releases us of dead ends and worries weighing on our minds.

Do not believe any idea that was not born in the open air and of free movement — in which the muscles do not also revel” said Nietzsche. What happens when we let our legs guide us? Walking allows us to think and not to think at the same time. For some, it is the muscles of the body that trigger the muscles of the brain, but for others, it is the legs and thighs themselves that think, while freeing the head from the past and the future, to live the unique and eternal present.

Having, then, formed the project of describing the habitual state of my soul […], I saw no simpler and surer way to carry out this enterprise than to keep a faithful record of my solitary walks and the reveries which fill them when I leave my head entirely free and let my ideas follow their bent without resistance or constraint. These hours of solitude and meditation are the only ones in the day during which I am fully myself and for myself, without diversion, without obstacle, and during which I can truly claim to be what nature willed.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Reveries of the Solitary Walker

I invite you to share with us your moments of hiking in Switzerland. A selection of photos will be uploaded to the website and published in a special gallery on August 1st. Join us! We wish you all a happy national day!

Jean-Daniel Ruch,
Ambassador of Switzerland in Israel

To participate please send your photos and the location where they were taken (in Switzerland only!) to:

We’re looking forward to discover your experiences!

Deadline: July 22, 2021

House of Switzerland already put some of our photos in a beautiful gallery, check it out here.

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