Lessons From Pandemia Why trust and ethics are crucial for dealing with the climate emergency

October 28, 2020 / Edouard Laurent

Short version with Hebrew subtitles

Under the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, Swiss philosopher and environmentalist Dr. Augustin Fragnière examines what we can learn from the Corona-Crisis for tackling the far more dangerous climate emergency. Can the very immediate perils of Covid-19 teach us how to adapt to the abstract yet enormous threat of climate change? Or is the pandemic merely an opportunity to reflect on how unsustainable our way of life has become? Join us as Augustin Fragnière reflects on the value of trust and ethics for combatting climate change.

Moderated by Lia Ettinger and David Dunetz from the Heschel Center for Sustainability

In cooperation with the Heschel Center for Sustainability

Watch the full discussion:

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Swiss National Day

Please find Ambassador Jean-Daniel Ruch’s greetings for the Swiss National Day 2020. Things are still different and very challenging these days. We invite you all to take this fact as an opportunity to reach out together toward a healthier planet and like this toward a healthier future for all of us.