Women of Switzerland

Anna Rosenwasser

Writer and gender activist, *1990

Writer and gender activist Anna Rosenwasser speaks out with candour in the fight for equality for the LGBTQAI community in Switzerland. Until recently she was co-director of Switzerland’s Lesbian Organisation, placing her weight behind marriage equality and the acceptance of all gender identities and sexual orientations. In her writing as well as on social media, she discusses questions of contemporary life and love in the context of gender and sexual identity with much warmth and humour. In a TEDx Talk in 2018 she explained in simple terms that sexual orientation is ‘who you are going to bed with’ and gender identity is ‘who you are going to bed as’. She reframes the conversation about queerness and gender with a lot of positivity and acceptance, acting as a role model for mutual acceptance and opening a dialogue between generations.

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Anna Rosenwasser