Women of Switzerland

Muriel Richard-Noca

Space engineer, *1969

Muriel Richard-Noca, a space engineer, has embarked on a mission to clean up space. She co-founded the startup ClearSpace to ensure that tomorrow’s generations can continue to benefit from space infrastructures and exploration.
Born in 1969 near Lyon in France, Muriel Richard Noca spent the first part of her career in the US. She worked for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the planning of several missions, including missions to Mars and to Jupiter’s moons. In 2005 she returned to Europe and began to work for the Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne where she was soon confronted with an imminent threat: space is littered with debris created by humans. She co-founded ClearSpace in 2018, which was selected one year later by the European Space Agency to lead the first mission to remove debris from Earth’s orbit by 2025.

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Muriel Richard-Noca